Create Media Coverage Reports Automatically

Public Relation agencies and in-house PR departments use
ClipCoverage to create media coverage reports within Google Slides automatically.

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A Google Slides Add-on That Saves You Time

Coverage screenshots

Paste in all the coverage URLs and get all the screenshots, even without distractive ads.

PR Metrics

Get coverage views, Twitter & Facebook shares and other metrics automatically.

Google Slides

Tightly integrated with Google Slides so that you can take full advantage of it to perfect your report.

Share report

Showcase the media coverage your earned using Google Slides's built-in sharing capabilities.

Team collaboration

Collaborate with your team on creating the coverage report in real-time, powered by Google Slides.

Export data

Export your entire coverage report with all the PR metrics as .xls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Google Slides add-on?

Google Slides add-ons let you to do more with Google Slides by adding new, useful features such as the ability to automatically create media coverage reports from Google Slides.

What can ClipCoverage do?

ClipCoverage can help you create media coverage reports 10 times faster. Just paste in all the coverage urls and it will return all the screenshots and metrics within minutes.

How many media coverage can I add to a report?

There's no limit from ClipCoverage. Google Slides does have a file size limit of 100MB which is enough for more than 1000 coverage clips.

How much does ClipCoverage cost?

ClipCoverage starts from $49/month. No hidden cost. For the latest prices, please visit the pricing page:

Can I get a free trial?

Sure. Just sign up and you'll be on free trial automatically. You can test out almost all the features with a free trial account.

How do I get started?

Click Get Free Trial to create an account and once logged in, you'll be guided to installed the add-on and create your first report.

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